Car delivery

Smiles rent a car enable taking and getting over cars on Nikola Tesla Airport.

Special offers

Special offers for firms, embassies, corporations and persons who wants to take cars for longer time. All interested can call
+381 (0)65. 3362 881.

Drivers service

Smiles rent a car offers professional drivers service, which can drive you wherever you want. This service is charging daily at very popular prices.

phone: +381 (0)65. 3362 881, +381 (0)63. 362 881
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Rental Conditions Print E-mail

Depending on your needs, you can rent a vehicle for a short time (no more than 30 days) or long time extended for several months. Minimum rental period is one day (24h)
The rate includes 100km per day, each additional kilometar is charged 0.10€.
A vehicle can hire a person at least 21 years of age, with at least 2 years old valid driving licence.
If you hire as an individual (Natural Person), rental expenses and all possible additional expenses you can pay by cash or credit card.
Entities (Legal Persons) pay the rent through their current account.
For any further information call some of our branch offices.
You get the car supplied by full tank of fuel and the expenses of re-fuelling the vehicle you will pay by yourself.
If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, you will be charged for missing fuel according to valid fuel prices at the petrol stations.

General Provisions and Rental Conditions

Smiles rent-a-car branch office (hereinafter the Lessor) rents to the Lessee (hereinafter the Lessee), whose data are on the front page of the Car Rental Agreement , a vehicle under the following conditions:
1. that he signs personally the Car Rental Agreement whereby he agrees about the Provisions of the Agreement:
• that he accepts the rates and other rental conditions quoted in valid price list as a constituent part of this Agreement
• that he is not under 21 years old and has held a valid driving licence for at least 2 years
• that he is delivered the vehicle in good operating condition with all appropriate equipment and documentation of the vehicle
• that he will bring the rented vehicle back within agreed period of time or before in the Lessor's request
• that for the extension of the agreed rental period he requires the Lessor's aproval within 48 hours before the expiration of the rental period
• that he will immediatelly stop driving if while using it the odometer stops working and inform the Lessor in the quickest way
•that if on the occasion of bringing the vehicle back is established that the odometer is damaged, he will reimburse to the Lessor the amount of expenses - 500 kilometers for each day of using the vehicle
• that he will regularly maintain and look after the vehicle while using it
• that he will not use the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, for any illegal purpose, for driver training activities, for transporting people or goods in a lucrative way, for transporting or towing other vehicles, trailers or their parts, for participating in any motor sport performances
• that he will use the vehicle only for his own needs and he will not rent or lend it to some other person
• that he will not load the rented vehicle with persons or objects beyond the manufacturer maximum weight recommendations
• that he will not use the rented vehicle abroad without permission of the Lessor
• that he will not make any changes of parts, circuits or devices in the vehicle
• that he will bear consumed petrol expenses
2. In case that the Lessee does not respect the conditions from Article 1, he is obliged to pay to the Lessor for all and every damage which comes from it and the rate is established by the Lessor.
3. The Lessor will pay to the Lessee oil expenses and regular vehicle maintenance, with shown written confirmation of payment (except car wash expenses while using the vehicle).
4. The Lessee is obliged to put down a deposit at the moment of renting a vehicle. The deposit amount depends on rent vehicle's group and rent duration. Minimum deposit amount is 500,00€ in dinar (RSD) countervalue .
5. The Lessee is obliged to pay all penalties and fines for traffic infractions caused by inappropriate vehicle use, including fines for inappropriate parking.
6. The rental rate does not include the following risks:
• Damages on the rented vehicle out of a registered accident
(damages at the parking place, etc.).- in case of a damage on the rented vehicle at the parking place and in traffic, the Lessee pays the total amount for the damage on the rented vehicle.
• Disability (partial or total) and death of the driver and passengers in the rented vehicle as a consequence of an accident
7. The Lessee is responsible for damages made on the rented vehicle, as well as for damages caused by inutility (the vehicle is not used during its repair). The expense of the damage caused by inutility (immobility) is quoted in accordance with average price of the daily rental charge set out by valid price list.
8. Disregarding possibly redeemed responsibility for damage made on the rented vehicle, the Lessee is responsible for:
• damage made on the vehicle he did under the influence of narcotics or alcohol
• damage caused on purpose or as a result of a rough negligence in driving
• damage if driver did not have a valid driving licence at the time of the incurred claims
• stealing, if the vehicle was not locked or protected by alarm in the moment of stealing
9. In case of an accident the Lessee is obliged to protect the Lessor's interests and interests of his Insurance Company, in such a manner he will:
• write down names and addresses of the accident participants or witnesses
• not leave the damaged vehicle before moving it away from the accident scene and protecting it
• in case of a bigger car damage or if there are injured people in the accident (even when the fault of other people is obvious) call the police immediatelly and wait for their arrival
• submit a written report about the accident in the nearest branch office of the Lessor
10. The Lessor will not pay the Lessee for loss or damage of his personal luggage or goods which was in/on the rented vehicle
11. The Lessor will not pay the Lessee for the damage caused by: any damage on the vehicle while using it and /or delay during the vehicle delivery
12. Any changes from this Agreement are valid only if they are confirmed in writing by both contracting parties.
13. If the Lessee pays by credit card, by his signature on the original of the Agreement, he authorizes the Lessor to invoice all rental expenses to the Club or Bank which issued the credit card.
14. In case of accepting a foreign currency as a mean of payment, any currency countervalue will be definitely defined by the Lessor.
15. In case of any disputes in connection to this Agreement, the contracting Parties stipulate the jurisdiction of the Court in Belgrade.



New lower deposit

SmileDeposit is necessary and amount depend of class and type of car. It is possible to pay deposit by debit or credit card.

New branch office

Smiles rent a car open new brunch office in New Belgrade, so you can use our services in Jurija Gagarina Street - Belvile, local no. 14.
Welcome, we are waiting for you.

Extra accessories

We can offer huge range of extra accessories: children's seats, roof rack bars, snow/tire chains, GPS…